Cornerstone Yearbook Preview

I've been busy at school working on the yearbook. Taking a lot of pictures. Here are some of my favorites so far!


Snow in Birmingham!

I'm absolutely giddy and childlike about the mere possibility of snow. I check the weather forecast and the windows, oh, about every 5 minutes. And I always, always remain optimistic. When you start becoming cynical about snow, a little piece of your spirit dies. And snow visited our little ham again. In a beautiful, tree coating way. And we rejoiced. Here are some pictures, along with a few of Crestwood's finest snowmen. 


Keith's Weekend Thoughts: Wild Things Have Hearts Too . . .

I'm sorry that I missed two weekends ago and that I am late for this past one. As you can tell, Elaine wears the "blogging" pants in our marriage.

So I hope everyone knows that I have a new friend that lives outside our appartment. Toby is a beagle. One of my favorite things about being friends with Toby is how encouraging he is when I come home or leave in the morning. It's so great to have this great dog who is so glad to see me. He sort of looks like this...

Most Saturday mornings I take him for a walk to Crestwood park. We are working on playing catch. He can't really look up well so if I throw it up he won't chase it. We're working on it. Anyways when I put him back up after the walk is over he goes through this routine where he howls nonstop for 15 minutes. It's really pathetic but it sort of makes me feel good inside. I feel like he's saying, "I had so much fun and I don't want it to end." I appreciate that.

So that's where Where the Wild Things Are comes in. I LOVED the part at the end when the wild things howled for Max. It communicated so much that words would have left out. There is just this deep groaning that needs to get out.

All this to say that if I start howling when you say you have to go home after an evening of hanging out, know that I'm not angry at you but it's my way of telling you I think you're awesome.