Workin' on the Farm

(photo of the Park Place farm from Jones Valley's website)

This summer Keith and I are interning on an urban farm in Birmingham, that also has a satellite campus in the 'burbs. We're really excited about learning more about sustainable organic agriculture, and especially how to farm. We are lucky enough to be participating in a work-trade agreement, that means we get a CSA bag full of farm-fresh veggies every week. Along with the general goal of learning, we've set a few other goals for ourselves, such as eating as locally as we can, and making our new home a little greener.

I've decided to set up a new blog, entirely devoted to this aspect of our lives, that will hopefully also be a conglomeration of local and national resources for sustainable living and eating, recipes, tips, and links that you might find interesting.

Check us out at urbanfarmplate.blogspot.com !