Kids Say . . .

Referring to the Pickle-in-a-bag he brought for breakfast, "Man I wish I had some cool whip to go with it." (4th-grade boy)

"Ms. Señora Davis . . ." (is pretty much my official name).

Me: Are you having a good day?
Student: No.
Me: Why not?
Student: Because my brain is tickling me and it wont stop.
(K5 Boy)

"Hey Buenos Dias Girl!!!" (K5 Girl)

Student 1: Spanish teacher, you got swag.
Me: Excuse me? What was that?
Student 2: Swag, you know.
Me: Swag??
Student 2: He mean you rockin' your clothes!
(7th-grade boys)

I want my students to know . . .

That listening really, truly works better when there is no sound being made by the hearer. 

That I want them to invest deeper into their contribution to the learning environment than responding to a punishment and reward system.

That I would love to see how they dress when they aren't wearing uniforms. 

That there is life after middle school.

¡¡¡Ojos a-freakin'-qui and bocas cerradas!!!

That I care more that they are learning to learn, than how much Spanish they're learning.

That I will listen to them.

That they need Jesus, and that  He is faithful to love and save and redeem.

Tomorrow we'll start the day with an activity called "I want my teachers to know that. . ." 

I can't wait.


Update Style

It seems the only time I think to post anymore in this whirlwind that I call normal life these days is when someone gently reminds me that I never post anymore. That and that it's kind of lame to leave a post about rice as the latest entry for so long. Thanks Dad.

So here's what I've been up to.

Loving fall. Especially because I love my fleece.

Ambitions to ride my bike to work which haven't come to fruition yet.

Keith finished the CPA exam and has passed 3 with flying colors. The 4th is 99.99% in the bag, so we're done with that "lovely" season!

Bought tickets to Nicaragua for Spring Break! To see these awesome people!

Camping with my hubs to celebrate no more CPA. At a campsite that overlooked a spectacular view.

Being diagnosed with Mono and dormant TB in the same week. Fun times. LOTS of doctor's appointments.

Not watching TV.

Trying to be a creative and intentional teacher, plan ahead, invest in students' lives, communicate with parents, etc. Not there yet, but praying a lot.

And seeing these beautiful faces, clamoring to hug me in the halls, calling out "hola!" and "Señora Davis!" everyday.