Update Style

It seems the only time I think to post anymore in this whirlwind that I call normal life these days is when someone gently reminds me that I never post anymore. That and that it's kind of lame to leave a post about rice as the latest entry for so long. Thanks Dad.

So here's what I've been up to.

Loving fall. Especially because I love my fleece.

Ambitions to ride my bike to work which haven't come to fruition yet.

Keith finished the CPA exam and has passed 3 with flying colors. The 4th is 99.99% in the bag, so we're done with that "lovely" season!

Bought tickets to Nicaragua for Spring Break! To see these awesome people!

Camping with my hubs to celebrate no more CPA. At a campsite that overlooked a spectacular view.

Being diagnosed with Mono and dormant TB in the same week. Fun times. LOTS of doctor's appointments.

Not watching TV.

Trying to be a creative and intentional teacher, plan ahead, invest in students' lives, communicate with parents, etc. Not there yet, but praying a lot.

And seeing these beautiful faces, clamoring to hug me in the halls, calling out "hola!" and "SeƱora Davis!" everyday.


katie davis said...

i know those little kiddos love you. i miss you sister friend. i CANNOT WAIT to see you friday. you and that smart hubby of yours=)

Thesupermanns said...

CONGRATS Keith!!! How exciting...smart fellow. Oh girl..im SO SORRY you have mono and T.B? what up with that? I cant believe you have the energy to teach these cuties everyday...you're amazing.May GOD give you the needed strength and a full recovery sooner than later...

MaryEllen said...

You both continue to amaze me.. in a good way... you live amazing lives filled with love and care and I admire you both for all that you do! love you both meme