Kids Say . . .

Referring to the Pickle-in-a-bag he brought for breakfast, "Man I wish I had some cool whip to go with it." (4th-grade boy)

"Ms. Señora Davis . . ." (is pretty much my official name).

Me: Are you having a good day?
Student: No.
Me: Why not?
Student: Because my brain is tickling me and it wont stop.
(K5 Boy)

"Hey Buenos Dias Girl!!!" (K5 Girl)

Student 1: Spanish teacher, you got swag.
Me: Excuse me? What was that?
Student 2: Swag, you know.
Me: Swag??
Student 2: He mean you rockin' your clothes!
(7th-grade boys)


katie davis said...

you do rock those clothes. the boy ain't lyin.olisper

Kimberly Joy said...


Keith said...

My girl always rocks her swag... and my brain always tickles me.