Things to do with an unexpected day (or two) off.

I arrived at work yesterday morning (after a morning of seriously not wanting to get out of bed and leave Keith behind on his unexpected day off) to see the parking lot completely empty and Ronny, the guy who takes care of everything, holding a sign up to the door saying that the building is closed due to a water main break. So far, it's still not fixed, and i'm still not at work. what a shame. How do I spend an expected day off?
  1. Get my new Social Security card, as Elaine MacCorkle Davis. (This was a hard decision because i love my middle name, Faith. But there is so much history in a last name, especially one like MacCorkle, and i wanted to be sure it lives on.) Keith made friends with a kind old man from New York while he was waiting for me. Last time we went to the social security office, he made friends with a couple african dudes. I have such a friendly husband.
  2. Spend hours in Urban Standard sipping a macchiato that is the closest thing i've found this side of the Atlantic to the cafe con leche i enjoyed so much in Espana.
  3. Then have our friend Pat come meet us for lunch at Urban Standard. Enjoy a delectable standard chicken panino with chicken, smoked guda, caramelized onions, and balsamic glaze.
  4. Go home and nap and sing and play guitar with Keith. Attempt a walk, but give up when it is too hot to breathe.
  5. (day two) Watch the Bachelorette and an episode of House, managing both without having a single channel on our TV.
  6. Work on a secret project for Keith. Shhhh.
  7. Talk to one of your best friends from Spain on Skype for the first time in ages, and find out that he "has decided to follow Jesus." !!!! WHOO!
I dont think I'd make it for long as a stay-at-home wife, although, sometimes I wish I could. But these unexpected days off have not gone by unappreciated. Now I'm off to read a book.


Kimberly Joy said...

hey sissy its so fun you got days of from work. it sounds like you had lots of fun (by the way this is the link to my blog about kansas i thought you might want to know that) I love you sister!

Patrick Sewell said...

Have you just blocked our Catan game out of your memory, Elaine? I thought that was a pretty significant part of Monday.

Shireen said...

Hey, girl.
I hope you don't mind my keeping up with you via your blog.
It's great.
I'm glad you got the day or two :) off! Huh! What a treat, and you've done some fun stuff! I've still not ever been to Urban Standard...is that sad? Maybe I could meet you there some time, and we could get to know each other or just read. :)
Hey, the note about your friend in Spain...praise the Lord! You'd shared about your friendship with him in our study a couple of weeks ago. That GREAT! I know you're encouraged, Elaine.
Enjoy reading...what are you reading?

Rebekah said...

My hairdresser also has a love for Urban Standard. We'll have to check it out.

Thesupermanns said...

The pics below this blog are HAMAZING!!! with a capital H. sorry..i stalk your blog sometimes... you are such a good writer i cant help it.