Guatemala: Village Medical Clinic Girls

I finally got the rest of my pictures from Guatemala back, minus one roll of film. Also, Stephen just got back his film from the trip, so check out the Bedouins International site as he uploads so good stuff. Eventually we'll be sharing Lupita's story on the Bedouins blog, so I'll give you a heads up about that. Over the next week or so I'll post some of my favorites every day. 

These shots are of some girls at the medical clinics that we did in a small village outside of Guatemala City. Tom and the interns examine the kids and dispense anti-worm pills, vitamins, antibiotics, cough syrup, and ibuprofen. The basic medicine really helps the kids avoid common but potentially serious illness. These girls were so sweet and gentle, and sat at my side for most of the afternoon.

AND . . .
As promised, I want to let you all know about a way that you can help me stock my classroom to share the joy of learning about another culture and language with the kids of Cornerstone. I've started a Amazon wish list of books for my classroom! I'd love to stock the classroom with all sorts of great books, activities, and music, and this is a huge way that you can help me accomplish that! (notice the automatically updated widget to your left.)

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