Scene: Breakfast duty monday morning talking to the little kindergarten-cutie pictured above.

Me: So, Cameron, did you have a good weekend?

Cameron: (Emphatic) Yes. 

Me: Oh yeah? What did you do?

Cameron: I went to church. And they be doin' the holy ghost. I love it when they do the holy ghost. (Every time he says "holy ghost" he balls his hands up in fists and waves them around at ear level.)

Me: What does that mean? How do you do the holy ghost?

Cameron: Oh, you know. Everyone be all cryin' and runnin around like crazy and stuff. (Extra emphatic) The holy ghost!

. . .
Today I tried to get a picture for you of him "doing the holy ghost," but lets just say there was too much movement involved now that he was standing to take a picture in low light.

On Sunday I head off on the 8th grade field trip to Jekyll Island, GA for 3 1/2 days. Pray for us!


rebekah said...

And next Saturday you'll be visiting us! AHHHHHHH!

frank said...

HILARIOUS!! It's much better when you act it out as you read it.