Hello there 2011!

For our friend-family New Year's has become a reunion of sorts, with folks coming in from out of town and gathering for some kind of themed party to ring in the new year together. This year we got to celebrate in an extra-special way with the wedding of our friends Pat and Keri! Because the "guy's house" where we typically had the New Year's Eve fiesta had been vacated, we offered our house. I pretty much told our friends, ya'll are welcome to have the party at our house but because we were just getting in town from Christmas and I was helping out with other things for the wedding, I couldn't really do much more than open the doors. Little did I know that we would have an all-out, high-tech dance party in the basement, a grand spread of food and refreshments that I had nothing to do with, and oh, about 50 people packed into our modest casa. It was slightly overwhelming, but really fun too. For those of you who are still waiting for me to post pictures of the house, sorry, but here is an informal and very crowded tour of our home and a taste of the party, made possible by our Christmas present this year!

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