My Songwriting Debut - Grey Haven 18 at Matthew's Bar

A couple month's ago a friend of mine from church, who is also the creator of Grey Haven, told me I should play at the next show. My response was a heart felt, "I'd love to." But I've always hesitated because I don't write my own songs. Back in highschool I wrote a couple songs, which I now HATE, and therefore haven't really felt much like trying even since. When I have attempted to write, I've gotten quickly frustrated and eventually gave up. Both aspects of songwriting are completely daunting to me: coming up with chords and a melody, and pairing it with lyrics that convey what I want them to. Anyway, Caleb gave me this sound advice: "Sign up for the next Grey Haven. Then you have to write two songs." So I did.

That week the first song, "While You're Sleeping" actually came pretty easily. It was in response to an experience at school that stuck with me (which I explain more in the video), and I was encouraged. Ok, maybe I can do this. Then writer's block hit. By the time we left for North Carolina last week, I had only a vague idea of what I wanted to write about and not even a hint of a melody. Finally inspiration came while we were watching O Brother Where Art Thou, and Keith and our other friends who were up in the mountains with us helped me put it all together. It was the perfect place to have to write a song.

Last night was really encouraging. Grey Haven is such a good example of what I love about Birmingham. Everyone is so open and mutually encouraging, creative, and it's contagious rather than being intimidating or competitive. LOTS of sweet friends came out to support us and it was so nice to look out in the crowd and see their faces. Hopefully it was a positive enough of an experience that I'll keep at it!

Elaine Davis - Grey Haven: While You're Sleeping from elaine on Vimeo.

Elaine Davis - Grey Haven Walk With Me from elaine on Vimeo.


Lazarus said...

You are amazing Elaine!!!!! I want your first CD!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of you. Both amazing songs that I would pay MONEY to own!

Tom Hall said...

Well done, Elaine and band. Enjoyed both songs.

Kimberly Joy said...

you hate original goldfish?
oh man!!!
just kidding
love you sister
and i love your wonderful voice
and your wonderful songs

AJ Macc said...

So, so proud - can't begin to express! Really, really wish we could have been ther to hear it in person! Love you!

Sarah said...

Thanks so much for sharing this, Elaine! I always wondered why you didn't do greyhaven and I hate that I didn't get to witness your debut but I'm so glad you took the leap... such a beautiful performance!

steph said...

Wow Elaine! Wonderful songs, and such a lovely voice! That Gray Haven thing seems really cool, too! Way to go!

Lindsay West said...

i love that you wrote about one of your students! you're fantastic, lady!

tamara said...

girl why am i just now finding your blog?

love these songs. you have such a pretty voice.