Snow in Birmingham!
snow is a wonderful thing. it turns 23 year-olds into giddy children when they wake up on saturday morning to this lovely site. (this is the backyard of keith and the guys' house) it was a slushy snow that melted soon after it began, but it made for great snowballs. we all woke up, bundled immediately and went to the park to play in the snow. i'm learning that there are costs to hanging out with boys all the time...one of those costs being no mercy in a snowball fight that you arent even participating in resulting in a wet, cold, heavy snowball to the eyes. but it was fun. really fun. we spent the rest of the day thawing out and pat made an incredible batch of gumbo for the perfect snow day community dinner. it really was wonderful.

on sunday keith and i went to mosaic church, a new church plant from the mosaic in LA. they are a very small church that is really trying to build itself around missions and community. its only like 3 weeks old and all ready they are financially partnering with at least two non-profits here in birmingham: the bedouins, and She Dances--an organization to raise support and awareness about human trafficking. i'm really encouraged and excited about the things that are going on here in birmingham. there is definitely a growing community of young people who really care about the gospel, justice, art, and a lot of other good things. and its really exciting to feel like we're all ready in the middle of it. and thats the great thing about being in a relatively small city that is growing and evolving because we actually get to be a part of the process. 

last night we went to a thing at Brook Hills, a church that we are praying about getting involved in, to get hooked up with a small group. we found an existing one that looks like it will fit us and we're probably going to check it out this week.


Matthew said...

hey elaine! good to see you blogging again. i wish i could say the same for myself. birmingham sounds great! beth is jealous in many ways and is always wanting to tell you restaurants and stores to go to. she was also amazed when we saw that birmingham was getting snow. we got nuthin here in charleston except COLD. our little drafty falling down house gets frigid.
bedouins international looks pretty spectacular too. seems to fit you just right. and they do good work too. great website design, for sure. and most of the guys have some good facial hair going on. which is how i judge guys i meet. keith will have to start on the beard as soon as the wedding's over.
their pictures were reminiscent of some by joshua longbrake, who i kinda blogstalk. check him out at thelongbrake.com/blog. his posts are often profound. keep reading back as far as you can. it's all good. you can see his pictures on flickr. i think you'll be glad you did.

Mrs. BrownAbles said...

geez, what a long comment. He needs to save (just) a little for his own blog!
Please, please-- if you drink coffee, go drink a cup for me at Chez Lulu in Mountain Brook. Please.
If you don't drink coffee, go to The Little Professor Bookstore and eat a vegetable plate.
If you don't eat vegetables, go buy some vitamins or something.
Then go thrift store shopping at Zoe's in Forest Park and then go eat chicken fingers next door at Silvertron Cafe.
I'm done.
I'm looking like Matthew Ables leaving such a long gushy comment.
Once you get settled and are all married, I'll send you names of some cool people for you to get to know.