this weekend i went to camp mcdowell, a rustic camp about an hour and a half north of birmingham, with 30 9th grade girls. i went as the "photographer" but i also got to hang out with the girls and lead a small group. it was fun, and pretty cool to have a real photography gig. once again, it seems crazy to have these kinds of opportunities here when i've only been in birmingham for a few weeks, but i'm so thankful for the multitude of friends that have helped me get involved here. this connection came from keith's roommate and a friend of mine from high school, matt. one of my favorite moments from the weekend was when i was sitting around with the girls and they started imitating "charlie bit me." some humor spans generations.

i havn't updated in a while because i'm kind of in limbo here. soon after my last post i went
to finish up my paper work to substitute teach and when i got in the car i got a call from WMU
which is a large, 100+ year-old missions organization that creates resources for churches to get involved in missions. i had answered a posting for a copy editor position back in november and they called me to interview for it. it was totally unexpected, and i really wasnt sure what to do especially as far as being able to give time to bedouins was concerned, but its a great opportunity and i interviewed for it last monday. so, now i'm just waiting to hear back because i can't really move forward with the substituting stuff until i hear from them. its strange not really having anything to do during the day, but not really being able to feel guilty about it. i hope i hear from them soon so i can finally start working. in the mean time this week my job is wedding planning--mostly getting the guest list really together so we can send out invitations when they arrive!

in other news, keith and i are going to see Over the Rhine at Workplay tonight! one our favorite band and one that means a lot to us. i'm really excited. it will be my first concert in birmingham.

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Matthew said...

ah! over the rhine! i'm so jealous!
i looked to talk to you after the show at the handlebar, but you had vanished. poof!

sounds like another cool job opportunity. good luck!