the weather was fantastic this weekend! blue skies and warm spring temperatures. we had a great time playing outside at one of our favorite spots yesterday. boulder fields is apparently one of the best places for bouldering (rock climbing on rocks small enough that you dont need ropes, just a pad to soften the landing in case of a fall.) in the south east and its about 10 minutes from my apartment. we go pretty often, do a little bouldering (i'm getting better) and enjoy being outside. yesterday we took books and a guitar and just relaxed in the sun for a while. it was glorious. 

(some beans from o'henrys in homewood, one of our favorite coffee spots)
on saturday we had a board meeting for bedouins. it was great to meet the board and get caught up on everything thats going on. its exciting to really feel a part of this. in the meantime i still find myself on my couch at 2:00 in the afternoon blogging. which means that i'm not working. so here's the update in that department. i heard back from WMU earlier this week. for the "next step in the employment process" i basically had to take the SAT online. it was an hour long "assessment test" assessing my skills dealing with letters, numbers, shapes, and spacial orientation. all of these test were timed and gave you an insanely short period of time to answer x amount of questions. i learned that i dont do well with a little time clicking over my head. oh, and then it had an extensive personality test tacked on to the end. so we'll see how that goes. i'm supposed to hear from them by the end of the week. after the crazy test i decided it best not to put all of my eggs in one basket at chucked out the $85 to finish my requirements to substitute teach. this included a TB test. i'm new to birmingham, so i didnt know where to get this done. and i was driving down the road and saw a sign for a clinic. thats what i need; a clinic. i wasnt sure what an occupational clinic meant, but i figured it would work. it worked out fine, but i discovered that an occupational clinic is where employers send their workers to get tests and stuff. mostly employers of workers such as construction workers and housekeepers. lets just say that as a young, white, female graduate with my laptop in my bag, i felt sort of out of place during the long wait in the waiting room, but it was an adventure. and i dont have TB. so hopefully i will start subbing this week. which i'm sure will provide for lots of great stories.  

and just in case you are bored like me, here is a new, fun and educational internet past time:

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Chrissi said...

Hi Friend! I found your site...I just started this whole BLOGGER thing, and I am not that good at it. Glad I found yours though, as I can use it for insipration :)

The travel IQ quiz was fun...

Miss you & hope you're fabulous!!