Hola de Guatemala!

Hey everyone, sorry I never posted about my trip before we left, but we're still down here in Guatemala having a great time. Only two days left. I wish I could post a picture but I don't really have a way to upload any. It's been beautiful and I can't wait to tell stories and share images when we get back. The next couple days will be filled with interviews and taking pictures for the stories we are doing through Bedouins International. We'll be making one multimedia presentation for the ministry, Hearts for the Children, to use to share about their ministry as well as hopefully helping them update the website, and we're also putting together a presentation of the amazing testimony of a woman who came from a really harsh life on the streets--drug addiction, prostitution, violence--to meeting Jesus and receiving a completely new life free from all those things, working in ministry, with a stable marriage and family. Just reading it and hearing it from her has been a huge encouragement to me and to my faith in the power of the gospel to change lives. It's been good to use my Spanish, I wish I had more time for that, and don't worry . . . we haven't been lost in an earthquake or tsunami! Although the earthquake did wake me up on Wednesday night (everyone thought I was crazy until we saw the headlines!) Keep praying for us! Hasta Luego!


Steve Mac said...

Elaine & Keith,
I'm glad you got a chance to post, and to hear you're having a great week. We're praying for y'all every day and can't wait to hear all about it. Tell the Allen's and everyone we said Hi.
Love you both,

Mom said...

Great to hear from you, we've been thinking about you and praying for you all week. I missed the news about the earthquake though, I think I'm kind of glad! :) Looks like it caused some damage in Honduras and Belize - glad the Tsunami watch in Guatemala turned out to be unnecessary! We look forward to hearing all about the trip!

MaryEllen said...

Love you guys... so proud of you all everyday! All you do for others~ Enjoy keeping touch through your blog!! Miss you.. safe home... meme