New Home Preview

Hello Everyone! We moved in last weekend and are settling in nicely. We're pretty much unpacked, we've had our first dinner guests, and we've begun to tackle the back yard. Little by little we're making it our own, and I'm trying to remind myself to let that happen at a natural pace. It's good.

However we do have very limited internet, so until we get it really up and running and I can upload more pictures, this little preview will have to do. We painted the living room, and the color turned out great!


Anonymous said...

Hi, it looks very cute, love the wood floors and looks like you have some nice molding too. Look forward to seeing more. Let us know the address.
Miss you guys!!
Aunt Chrissie

James Kling said...

love it. except the drawers are facing the wrong way on the coffee table :)

Kimberly Joy said...

Sissy Bop I love it!

Cate Raff said...

Beautiful! I love those gray walls. You mix the modern and antique quite beautifully, too, girl! AND, it's awesome you guys are working on that urban farm, and get the benefits of a CSA! Sounds like a good summer so far. :)