Adventures with Paul

Ahhh . . . Fall.

The temperature cools, we slow down a little bit. Visions of reading by a fire wrapped up in cozy blankets, the smell of leaves, whispy clouds of breath on quiet mornings. It all makes me so darn pensive and sentimental. Enough to make me want to come out of my blogging hiatus and do a little creating.

A lot has happened. Hopefully we'll get adequately reaquainted.

But first thing's first. I'd like to introduce you to someone.

Meet Paul.

Paul came to us via a friend from the farm. We weren't really looking for a dog, but what can I say? It was fate. Besides his obvious good looks, Paul has a lot going for him. After some enthusiastic playing, his favorite place to be is lying right at our feet. We take him to restaurants, friend's houses, and about town, and generally he has delightful manners. He can jump higher than my head. We rest easy with Paul holding down the fort a home. In his bag of tricks you'll find sit, stay, lay down, shake (with both paws), jump, speak, come, and Keith is currently working with him on turning off the light and fetching his specific toys (duck and moose) on command. We're pretty taken with him, and generally so is the rest of the world. He increases our social appeal many-fold. This weekend we took him camping, and I think it's safe to say he had the time of his life.


AJ Macc said...

Excited to see you blog again - great pictures of Paul!

frank said...

Love you guys. Can't wait to meet this new fella! When are we getting together?

Kimberly Joy said...

Cna you sneak him on the plane so I can meet him? or sneak me on the plane so I can meet him?
Love you sister!