Jesus Was Born

We were so thankful to get to see the Davis side of the family for Thanksgiving, including our niece Catherine, whom many of you prayed for when she was born with a congenital defect called CDH. Well, she's "better" now, completely! And the funnest little thing ever! We told a lot of freinds about how one of our favorite things that she's doing these days is saying "Jesus was born. Made Cat-n better," whenever anyone talks about Christmas, and now you can see it in action!

A sweet advent-reminder that when Jesus humbled himself and came to us as a small baby, He made us "better". He made a way for healing each of us that is even more miraculous and glorious than the way he healed Catherine's tiny body.

(If you're reading in google reader, you'll need to click on the post title to see the video on my blog)

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