Another Day of Sowing

Today was an amazing day for planting the spring garden at school. We're starting to develop some really great partnerships, making plans to make the garden a permanent part of the school, and I'm feeling well supported by my administration and coworkers. And on top of that, it was a gorgeous day. One of the many ways that this venture of connecting with the dirt has changed me is that I notice weather and growth around me in a new way. Like last night when our minds went directly to our fragile little seeds reaching for life right below the surface of the dirt when a torrential storm blew through and water started pouring in through our back door (which hasn't been the same since the fellow who helped himself to all of our electronics back in August kicked it in). Luckily, the raised beds hadn't washed away and we even have arugula sprouting in the Rosedale garden! But all that to say, maybe February has always been like this, but I can't remember Spring ever arriving in such force so early! A week of above 70 temperatures and sunshine, it's amazing. I'm sure it will get cold again before Spring is here to stay, but I'm soaking it up while we can.

Eight elementary classes came out to help me plant! We'll have to do a lot of thinning, but it was worth it. I can't wait to see how floored they are when the seeds they planted start to sprout. I taught them my technique of praying for the little guys as we tuck them into the soil. When I told them that only God can make seeds grow a K5er exclaimed "Are you for real!?" like it was the most earth-shattering thing he had heard all day. I'm  also meditating on the seeds in their hearts, that truly only God can make grow. Never mind feeling that lack of control with our vegetable sowing, it takes so much trust to rest in the truth that God is the one who changes hearts and he is in control. I'm so thankful that He is good.

The science teacher was kind enough to snap some photos for me. But my today my camera, a Canon EOS Digital Reble, won't turn on! HELP! I charged the battery, and have tried turning it on and off, taking the battery out, etc. No luck. Any ideas?

Just please look at the stink eye I'm getting from the left as I give 2nd grade the low down.

A worm!!

Middle schoolers helping me solarize the third bed that must have had a lot of weed seed mixed in to the soil. Hopefully this will do the trick!

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katie davis said...

it is so very apparent why you are in these kids' lives=) i'm so thankful for you sweet sister=)