The Graduate

The wise gaze of a puppy class graduate. We decided to invest in taking Paul to obedience classes, and they have been well worth it. After some major setbacks due our week-long absence over Christmas (several trashcans full of things he chewed, and a nice fresh pee spot on our bed waiting for us when we got home), we felt intervention was called for. Probably the most valuable thing we got out of it was an hour a week of focused time training him; our attention spans are really more lacking at home than his. Paul struggles with being very easily distracted, but when we have his attention, he's a star! He passed his final exam today on sit, lay down, loose leash walking, stay, and come when called--a big relief for his "parents"--especially since last week he let the fishtanks get the best of him and we couldn't even get him to sit. He also made some pals in the class. For Paul and Deuce, a friendly Great Dane in the class, it was BFFs at first sight. Here are all his cuddly classmates: Deuce, Sam, and Tank.


Patrick said...

Congrats Paul! You're looking very distinguished!

Melissa Richie said...

yay, paul! i miss you very much and want to know when we all can go on another run.

maybe you can teach me some lessons in obedience.

hugs and kisses,


AJ Macc said...

Yeah Paul! You are the man! Come to KS and see me!

rebekah said...

You're going to have to teach Jesse how to come when called. It's the only trick he refuses to learn.