Cinco de Mayo: Crafts and Celebrations

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!
Today is a big day for Spanish classes at Cornerstone! We've been gearing up for weeks, learning about the history, making decorations, practicing dances, and of course: making piñatas! I thought I'd share some really fun, easy Cinco de Mayo crafts for kids of all ages!

We made Mexican paper flowers, a Cinco de Mayo banner, and a  piñata! Here are all the supplies before chaos ensued :)All grades did at least one of these crafts, and they did great!

My festive hallway.

Finishing the piñata.

I'll post a video tomorrow of this dance in action.

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Cate Raff said...

So cool you're teaching Spanish!! What a dream! And going to Spain in October!!! Woot! I'll work on a little list of my Madrid favorites... a Napolitana from La Mallorquina in Sol will definitely make it. Pack me in your bag??