Back to School

It's that time of year. With 80 more students than I had last year, it has been a blur so far. But for now you'll just have to trust me that the summer was at least as busy, so things are just rolling right along. I'll try to do a recap of the summer, but until then, I thought I'd share some snapshots of the first week of school. I really do want to stop and reflect and capture moments, even with life moving at such a pace.

My classroom.
I've transitioned to planning my lessons around a lot more group work, so my classroom reflects that. I've also painted a fun chalkboard on a wall! We'll eventually write essential agreements up there and all the students will sign it.
5th grade girls at Lunch.
The lunch room is packed with all the new students. We'll open a new building in October that will house a new cafeteria, gym, and some classrooms. Until then, we're just a little cozy!

A dream for 6th grade, written by one of my girls.
I had the students and parents who came to orientation write their hopes and dreams for 6th grade and place them on my wall. This was one of my favorites. Gotta love the heart-dotted i's! Classic 6th grade girl!
Looking sharp at morning carpool.
I adore the 4 year olds. Sometimes teaching so many ages and levels is overwhelming, but the sweet cuties in K-4 make it worth it every day!
A K-4 Superstar.

I'm trying to give my students an in depth look at what other cultures are and avoid cultural stereotypes and go beyond the surface ideas of the "4 f's: food, fashion, flags, festivals" . . . But this little guys jazzes up my window sill, so we'll let  him stay :)

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