a snowy day in march

A saturday in march begins with soft snow fall.The still quiet of the falling blanket breaks with excited chirp-songs of birds who dont quite know what to make of the cold white stuff landing on their feathers and new flowers of premature spring. It's bound to be a lovely day.
Snow days are so special. It melted by noon, but we didn't care. In celebration we went to what is quickly becoming one of our favorite spots in birmingham, a coffee shop called Urban Standard. If I could dream of a coffee shop, this would be it. Perfect, european-style coffee; a constant stream of city-dwelling regulars of all ages; awesome rustic/vintage/urban decor; and some of the tastiest food-fares I have ever encountered. A few of our friends work there too so it has an extra friendly atmosphere. On this delightful morning we sipped french-pressed Primavera coffee and ate grits with cheese and smoked sausage, and croissants with ham and poppy-seed mustard. I really like it here.
After breakfast, it was time for business. Keith and I like to use saturdays to be productive so that Sundays can really be days of rest. Its nice. especially since we've started going to church in the evening. Sundays are becoming as sweet and relaxing as they should be.
Later we went to an international dinner at our friend Young-Bin's house. He hosed an international pot-luck of over 20 people. There were sushi, summer rolls, quesadillas, mexican dip, chilean salad, potato pancakes, brats, and matzo-ball soup. We brought couscous. Did i mention i really like it here?
To top off a day such as this may seem like a challenge. Which is true. But it was accomplished. Some local musicians, a scene that includes a lot of our friends, were playing a show at a book-store/coffee shop in Mountain Brook. A band from Birmingham called The Triceratops, in which my friend Jeanette rocks out on the violin (and I really mean rocks out), played with These United States, who are on tour right now. These United States are touring the country and playing with different local bands in every city they go to. And when i say "playing with" I dont mean they just do a show with them, but both bands actually play together after just meeting the night before. So last night they played with Triceratops. This experiment, as they call it, is brilliant. It was really one of the most enjoyable shows i have ever been to. And all of the musicians were really friendly and down to earth. It might have been the only time i can remember that i bought a cd at a show without even thinking twice about it. You should definitely check both of these bands out. And if this experimental tour is coming near you, I don't recommend missing it.


Sutton said...

yaaaaaaaaaaay! I like you being here and like you liking it here! yay for snow and Urban Standard and concerts and friends and fun!

brian said...

i can't believe it snowed the day after i left. granted, i was hanging out at the santa monica pier that day... but still- not cool, mother nature. it better snow at least one more time once i'm back in town. sounds like yall had such a perfect day.

will said...

elaine! i realized you have a blog right after you commented on mine. and i like it! i cannot wait to see you guys.