An Experiment:

So, I want one of these.A Holga. Which is an inexpensive, meduim format camera with a plastic lens. They fall into the "toy camera" category because they are so cheap and made almost entirely of plastic. But they produce really amazing images.I will never be a perfectionist, no matter how hard I try. I can't draw a straight line, wrap gifts, or fold clothes. I love messy painting, and for a while my favorite artistic medium was glue. Because of this, I think that a Holga--which is know for its unpredictability, light streams, crazy colors, and general quirk--and I may be perfect for one another. I'm feeling like this little camera might give my creative juices the little boost they are desperately in need of.BUT I have learned a lot from my wonderful husband, who is very different from me in awesome ways, about patience, perseverance, thoughtfulness, and loyalty. Therefore, I am going to conduct an experiment, to see if I and my juices, are ready for a new toy. I'm going to earn it. And not be impulsive. For the next few weeks i'm going to use up all the 35mm film that I have, and if I succeed, process all the film, and still have a hankering for a Holga...the little guy will be mine. (for the low low price of around $30). Hopefully you all will be the benefactors of the images my little experiment produces soon.
P.S. Some of the coolest shots from the wedding were taken on a Holga.in other news:
  • I made homemade pesto this weekend. Yum.
  • I'm in Book Six of The Brothers Karamazov, and it's getting really good.
  • I am shamelessly proud of both of those facts.


Shireen said...

Hey, girl,
You've gotta read Stephanie Kling's blog: http://birdsandtrees.typepad.com/birdsandtrees/
For two weeks, she's posting pictures each day with her Holga. :)
Check her out! She and her hubby, James, go to church with us...you may already know them. She's incredibly talented!

rebekah @ elizabeth anne designs said...

I love the Holga, and want one too!

Melissa said...

i need your recipe for pesto. i made some about two weeks ago and it was so garlicy that thomas couldn't come near me for a couple of hours :)

love the wedding pics.

i have a lomo and i like it a lot, though i don't really use it much. it's pretty much like a holga.

i hope your experiment goes well!

Matt Francisco said...

book six, eh? that means you just completed the single greatest bit of literature i feel like i've ever read. i hope you enjoyed the inquisitor as much as i did.

and the pictures are amazing.

i miss you guys terribly.

amanda blake said...

as an artist i am inspired by you! i need a boost to my creative juices as well, maybe i'll buy a Holga. love the pictures. please come over and paint sometime!