a wonderful weekend:

On the very day of our 3 month anniversary, Keith and I got to sing at my dear friend Katie's wedding. It was so fun, our first debut since leading worship together in high school :) Katie is one of five very special girls who made my last semester at Clemson a delightful one by sharing a blue house with me. Her wedding was up at Big Canoe, a gorgeous place in north GA. It did my heart good to see her fully enjoy such a beautiful occasion--one that she and Matt have been looking forward to for a long time. (They dated for 5+ years)! Seeing so many friends from Clemson was just so deeply fun and good. I'm so thankful! And I'm so looking forward to the other weddings we have coming up over the next few months.

And that's not all, we got to stay with a family that is so very special to us, the Rumbaughs. Eve (who was a dear friend of Keith's mom) and Will live in a wonderful house on top of a mountain in Jasper with their 3 sweet girls, Mia, Emma, and Zoe, who are adopted from China. They are truly a beautiful and inspirational family. They specialize in deep joy, love, and authenticity. Eve and Will are the most skilled and caring question-askers I have ever known, and I try to learn from them. They love to enjoy the good things about life--walks in nature, sharing in creativity and work, coffee and a spectacular view on the porch, trying new things, and learning. Their daughters are beautiful and smart and unique and you can see that their spirits just bask and grow in the deep love that is shown to them by their Heavenly Father through their willing parents. They are truly an inspiration, and we always feel like going to visit them is therapy and a sweet retreat.

We also got to stay with Keith's brother Kelly, which was so good, and even included a 11:00 am showing of Batman. I LOVE my family-in-law. I don't think I could say that enough to really express it. And all the hours of driving were so worth it to just get to spend time with my sweet husband. It really was a great and encouraging weekend for us.

Driving up to Kelly's house on Saturday night was weird and a little sad because we didn't go to "my" house. My family is settling in well in Kansas, and I am really impressed by their joyful and willing hearts...both my sister and my mom (who has had the hardest time with this move) have made lists of one thing they like about Kansas for everyday. You can check them out on their blogs.

well, I'm rambling, which tends to happen with an update style blog, but I wanted to share about such a great weekend. I keep wishing I had my own pictures to post, but I've been having too much fun to remember to take pictures!

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