Quite possibly my favorite thing about Saturdays:

Item 1: Fresh cut Zanias.
Item 2: Chilton County peach.

I've mentioned before that I ventured down to the Pepper Place market. Well, now it has become a favorite Saturday morning excursion. Keith is usually working on Saturday mornings (poor guy), so I call up a friend (thanks Erin, Cory, and Pat!) and walk down to the market. This week as Cory, Pat, and I were walking the 4 or 5 blocks, we were passed by a couple on a golf cart. The thoughtful pair pulled over and told us to hop on, so we did! The golf carters live on 29th and say they ride there golf cart everywhere. I was just slightly puzzled, because the thing doesn't get any better gas mileage than my Jeep, but they said they can enjoy the view better in the cart. Good for you.
I can't leave the market without fresh flowers and a bag full of peaches, and let me tell you, the peaches are AMAzing, about the size of soft balls, and the flowers brighten up my kitchen. And all the while I feel warm and fuzzy inside for supporting local economy, agriculture, and sharing a delightful morning with friends.

In other news:

There are some ideas brewing on the horizon. First, Stephanie Kling and I have been talking about the idea of holding a monthly crafty evening for girls (women, whatever we are) there are just so many talented and creative women around this 'ham, whether cooking, painting, crafting, photographing, and we want to learn and share the love! It could look like one girl sort of leading each month and teaching the others her favorite form of creative productivity. And it could be loads of fun.

Second, Erin Eades and I have talked about our need and desire for a book club. And I know for sure that other girls are excited about it too. So, I would love to see that crank up too. In the meantime, be my friend on GoodReads.

If you're interested in either gathering, let me know! I am so encouraged by the community of Godly women here in Birmingham, and I am looking forward to sharing more of life with you!

and in some other news:
  • The G8 summit is going on right now. As far as meetings of the most important people in the world go, it's on the side of the good guys. But I read on the GOOD magazine blog yesterday that the conference costs more than the billions of dollars they gave to fight global issues such as poverty, hunger, and disease last year, and they are meeting in an "eco friendly" building, built just for the conference...that will be torn down aas soon as it is over. I'm a little baffled. Does it really have to work that way? Someone smart, tell me.
  • My family is on the move! Literally. Driving to their new home in Kansas today. So remember them in your prayers for safe travels, and hearts that rejoice in and trust God's heart for them in this transition.


Rebekah said...

I would so be there for both the crafts and the books. Praying for your family.

Patrick Sewell said...

The Good blog updated their article to note that the budget is 60 billion yen (instead of dollars), which is about 600 million dollars. So they still give more than they spend.