Opera and Produce

This weekend I discovered the Alabama Farmer's Market. If for no other reason, this place is wonderful because it is a BARGAIN. WAY less expensive than the grocery store. I will promptly make it my first stop for weekly produce and enjoy a rich tradition and colorful, local atmosphere in the process.

In other news: Last week I joined the Birmingham Concert Chorale, which sings with the symphony. I've missed singing with a choir, especially a large and talented one, and I'm having a lot of fun. And, it just so happens that the work we're working on for a concert in February contains the most intense piece of music in the history of the universe. Ever. 

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Lauren M said...

i just love your pictures. seriously jealous of your camera. what is it? chris and i are trying to be much more health concious as well in this new year and i didnt even realize the farmers market was open this time of year. lemme know if you ever need a shopping buddy and want to split some veggie baskets! good for you for getting involved in the community and doing what you loved. if i can scrape together the $ and a friend i'd love to come hear you! carmina burana is an amazing piece. hope you're doing well!

mountainmelody said...

Ooh, I really want to join the Birmingham concert chorale! I think I'll wait until I finish up school and then try out. I think a few people from my church are in it.

Hope you have fun!