*note* If you can't see the images on my blog, will you let me know? I've had one friend point this out, and I need to know if it is happening to other readers. thanks!

I am captured by the beautiful sadness of this image. Do you ever have days when the weight of the world's brokenness seems a more noticeable heaviness on your shoulders and heart than usual? Today is one of those days for me. In a way the burden is sweet. I want to be broken by sin and suffering. Salty tears on my face and tongue and an aching in my heart, and for once, not for my own worries or complaints. But it hurts. Held up from being overwhelmed by the hope and faint belief that redemption is alive in Jesus. The Gospel is desperately beautiful. No other blood-drenched, sorrow-filled, beautiful, reaching, heart-wrenching, life-giving, thirst-quenching mercy can save us from this dark, murky blackness--darkness to be felt.


Shireen said...

For the past several days, I cannot see the images on your blog!
They are a horizontally stretched out line of a little color. :(

Have you had any other complaints?

Stephen said...

I can see them and they're beautiful :)

Elaine Davis said...

Keith just said he can't see them either...
if you cannot see the images, will you let me know what kind of browser you use? thanks!

Steve Mac said...

Hi honey,
The pics stopped showing up beginning with "girls picking flowers". Window internet explorer.
Love ya

Steve Mac said...

by the way, I can see your pics on flickr with no problems

Kimberly Joy said...

I can see the lainy Love you