Oh glorious Weekend

This weekend was quite a treat. The recipe for such a delight included: 
  • A long drive with my best husband-friend through AL, GA, TN, and NC.
  • Landing in the beautiful town of Asheville, NC.
  • One of my favorite people from high school marrying one of my favorite people from college.
  • Singing at said ceremony with another beauty of a friend and the bride's aunt and uncle jamming on the fiddle and banjo/madolin. (picture, not mine, from facebook)
  • Seeing where the famous Patrick Sewell comes from and having a free place to stay on Saturday night.
  • And enjoying a hike and a sweet time on a rock with a great view in Cloudland Canyon with Keith on the way home.


Kimberly Joy said...

Glad you had a good weekend Lainy.Love you

Melissa said...

your pictures are great. it makes me want to go to ashville...there's nothing like it in the fall!

Kate said...

these are beautiful! see you in about an hour...

Shireen said...

Such beautiful Fall and wedding pictures, Elaine! You are so good at photography!