a FALLtastic weekend!

Take a deep breath. Do you smell that? It's fall. Joy fills my heart. Chilly weather. The boots and scarves have come out from hibernation. I am a happy and cozy girl.

On Saturday, Cory hosted the 2nd Annual Day of Fall Fun. A spectacle of plaid wearing, pumpkin patch picking, hay ride riding, jack o'lantern carving, fall treat tasting, cider sipping, psycho screening fun. And what a better day to celebrate than the first day that it has truly, 100%, without a doubt felt like fall.

Before picking my pumpkin I asked Keith was his usual criteria for the perfect pumpkin are. To my surprise and dismay, he responded "I don't know. I've never picked a pumpkin or carved one." Oh my. I've never been a huge fan of halloween or anything, but never picked a pumpkin before!? I was so excited to introduce Keith to the joy of reaching in that nasty gourd, pulling out the slimy guts, saving the seeds for a tasty treat, and turning it into something beautiful and fun! Though the slime was a bit of a shock at first, he took right to it and ended up carving most of it himself. Artists at work...and our final masterpiece...! (sorry for the weird picture...it was dark!)

(all photos courtesy of Cory and Amanda's facebook pages. More to come when I get my film developed.)

Sunday was our 6th month anniversary! Half a wonderful year. It felt like Christmas. Keith woke me up with coffee in bed and a poem (he writes one for all of our big days! And they are amazing!). We spent the afternoon at Oak mountain, hiking around and talking about our hopes and dreams for the next 6 months, and then topped it off with a nap by the lake. It doesn't get much better than that!

Happy Fall!

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Steve Mac said...

Hey, your pictures came back. What did you do?

Happy 6 months!