A Rabbit Trail of Web Wanderings

A few noteworthy tidbits from my web wandering this week.
  • A really eye-opening and incredibly well-done media presentation about urban slums called The Places We Live.

  • If you liked that one, there is also a fabulous website with many more media presentations like this one called Media Storm. A recent story called Common Ground, about an elderly farmer whose land is sold to a subdivision developer and the family whose new home is built in the exact spot where the farmhouse used to stand, is especially poignant.
  • Like I said before, I discovered this week that narwhals are real, thanks to the Big Picture, a blog on Boston.com that posts amazing, really big images from around the world. About 30 are published every other day in different theme.
  • Speaking of narwhals, which may frequent Alaska from time to time. Don't miss the latest installation of Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live.
  • And speaking of Sarah Palin...what in the world is up with the $150,000 shopping spree? I'd love to hear your thoughts. By the way, I would like to consider myself an expert on this matter because I watch a fair amount of TLC's What Not To Wear, and I saw the $50,000 episode. Spending that much money on a wardrobe is quite a feat!! Then I saw this statement from a news blog, "But is $150,000 unreasonable? New York magazine's fashion blog breaks down outfit costs from Saks and Neiman Marcus and discovers that just six outfit combinations alone cost over $16,000. For $150,000, Palin could purchase approximately 34 outfits." Really... words escape me.
  • And last but not least, A peek into the life of the Birmingham Davises' Net Flix Queue:
First, 3 we've already watched...
  1. Persepolis (2007) - A black and white cartoon about a young girl growing up in Tehran, Iran at the time of the Iranian Revolution.
  2. Outsourced (2006) - Kind of a random pick, but a delightful movie about a guy whose telemarketing job (of cheesy patriotic knick-knacks) gets outsourced to India, and the culture shock (and eventual acceptance) he goes through while working there for months to set up the new office.
  3. Man from Snowy River (1982) - Keith's favorite movie from childhood. He attributes many lessons in manhood to this tale.
Right now we have...
  1. Cool Hand Luke (1967) - A classic favorite for Keith that I am looking forward to seeing.
And on the Queue:
  1. Young at Heart (2007)
  2. The Visitor (2007)
  3. Edge of Heaven (2007)


amanda blake said...

fabulous entertainment! thanks-- you guys have such interesting lives in the world of blog...the mundane, ie.folding clothes, is all of sudden an international feat!

Melissa said...

i was a shocked, to say the least, upon hearing about the shopping "spree". i mean, the girl's gonna have to get some post pregnancy clothes (don't I know!) but come on...poor decision, bad timing...were her accessories/shoes included? :)

however, on a more serious note, i wonder how much mccain, obama, and biden spend on their suits? thomas's "cheap" jo banks suits can be around $600...and the sports coats at neiman marcus can be upwards of $3000, suits $5000. they have 40 suits (plus shoes, ties, shirts, cuff links...) and it puts them in the same price range. just a thought.

brad said...

What is really important in this election:


Elaine Davis said...

*A note for anyone who knows me, and would still question whether I value life. *

My feelings have been hurt by your misunderstanding. And I just feel like I need to get it off my chest. I would do it on my blog rather than in the comments, but honestly, I fear another rainfall of misplaced comments. And I don't have the stamina to endure anymore of that. So, I hope some people who might take the time, will actually see this.

Please take the time to understand that though many feel that the only way to demonstrate a pro-life conviction is to vote for John McCain, there are also many Bible believing, joyfully and undoubtedly pro-life christians whose personal convictions have not lead them to the same opinion. I support and understand your conviction, and i would really appreciate the same support and attempt at understanding of mine.


Matthew Ables said...

what did you think of persepolis? have you read "reading lolita in tehran?"

"Man from Snowy River" was one of my defining films as well. What does keith think of "Return to Snowy River?"

brad said...

I totally support your decision to vote for whomever you want! That is the beauty of this country! I am not trying to question anything about your value for life! Please don't misunderstand me on this point! Hey, if we would just obey Christ's desires for us (saving ourselves for marriage) we wouldn't have to worry about abortion. Wouldn't that be awesome?
Confession: I am way too deep in this election thing and will soon be stepping back. God is still God no matter what! Hallelujah!

brad said...

Elaine, check this out when you get a minute. I think we feel similarly--hearts being changed by Jesus is the only way to avoid these kind of things.