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I took this picture on a flight from Madrid to Prague about 2 years ago. I was kind of amazed at how it turned out. We were flying over the alps. I have never seen the alps other than on this bird's-eye occasion. I remember thinking at the time, that the earth from above looks like it was formed out of modeling clay. I'm delighted at the vision of God forming creation, and us, in his warm hands with his sweat and loving concentration and life-giving breath. I also remember thinking at the time that I wanted to be down there.

Today I'm feeling fairly restless. Not unusual. Longing to be somewhere other than in front of this computer, a 90-page proof beckoning me on my desk.

But everyday, even a day like this, is an opportunity for creativity, noticing beauty, stepping into identity and gift-utilizing purpose. I need grace to realize that. Excuse the scattered thoughts. I'm looking forward to something, but I don't know what it is yet. More details as it comes into focus.

In other news: I found out this week that Narwhals are real. In my case, one could liken the experience to the discovery that unicorns are real. And lets be honest, what's more believable? A unicorn, or these ridiculous creatures???
(photo courtesy of the Big Picture, a great photo blog on boston.com.)

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Melissa said...

no way! those are sooo cool.

have you watched planet earth? erin gave it to my dad on his birthday last year and i think i could watch it every day for the rest of my life and be in awe each time.

i hope your day is one full of beauty.