5 Things I'm Looking Forward to about SPRING:

On this rainy, quiet (3/4ths of the office is out on furlough) day, I'm feeling a little restless and ready for Spring, and the things it will behold, to arrive.
  1. Emerging with our neighbors into the streets and sidewalks of Crestwood. Warm evening walks, picnics, frisbee in the park. Maybe I'll even go wild and start running again. The possibilities are many.
  2. Keith is getting me a hammock for the ol' birthday. I'm pretty excited about lots of reading time in that thing.
  3. Venturing to Colorado with my family in April. Mountains of the west, fresh air, skiing, reuniting with old friends . . . And another travel adventure, Guatemala in May.
  4. Camping. We've made it a Davis family and friend's goal to go twice every Spring and Fall.
  5. Getting rid of the glasses, for the second time, in June.
What are some things you're looking forward to??

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Kimberly Joy said...

Hey sissy. Read my blog Love you