.The Farm.

There's also nothing like ringing in a new season on a country farm with people you're crazy about. This past weekend we adventured up to Jamie's family's rather luxurious Tennessee farm, a favorite gathering place. The weather was warm, sun-burn inducing even, and the hours were filled with music, soccer, laughter, dutch blitz, donkey piƱatas, swimming across freezing lakes, camp fires, hammocks, rocking chairs, and all things relaxing and wonderful. Whenever I visit a place like this, the peace is so good for my soul. I find myself wondering if I could trade the vibrant activity of the city for the peaceful solitude of the country. I imagine myself waking up to quiet mornings, tending to chickens and gardens, cooking everything very slowly with food grown in my own soil. Never missing a sunset. It's a romantic thought, especially when I insert all of our friends into the dream as well. Commune anyone? I think I've decided, at least for now, that the city is the place for me, but the occasional trip to the outer-places is so crucial. What about you? Do you ever wonder if life on the farm is for you?

This may be my favorite picture of Keith that I've ever taken. I love my banjo-rockin' man.

These pictures are from a past trip to the farm, but they give you a good idea of how cozy the place is.


Matthew Ables said...

great pictures! i wish i could take decent pictures of people. it's tough though.

i think that a farm is (eventually) for me. right now, beth and I love living downtown and walking/riding everywhere. but someday i'd like to trade that in for some land.

Kristen said...

dearest elaine,

i am sitting at one of the two computers in ethiopia that allows access to blogs, loving catching up on your life. two of my peace corps friends are also catching up on your life and loving your beautiful photos. so great to have such an encouraging and creative friend! miss you much! love!