Something Different to Do on a Saturday Night:

Saturday night started out as it often does in our little Birmingham community. A group gathered for a shared meal, in this case spaghetti, with plans to watch a movie. But when the movie fell through, we faced that age-old question. What should we do tonight? 

Well, my wonderfully creative husband saved the evening with a brilliant, out-of-the ordinary, and very fun idea.

Recipe for fun below:
  1. Find a lovely picture in a magazine or newspaper.
  2. Divide into 9 equal sections, and cut.

  3. Cut pieces of paper to larger, but proportional sections.
  4. Let all of your friends choose one or more of the sections to reproduce on the blank pieces.

  5. Be filled with awe and amazement as your finished masterpiece comes together, a coherent whole, that also wonderfully demonstrates the unique point of view and talent of each of your friends!(From top left, moving across and down: Eli, Lauren, Cory, Ryan, me, Jamie, Cory, Keith, Matt)
    We all enjoyed this little activity so much! I highly recommend it for any group setting. 

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Jessi said...

what a great idea! it is so good to have creative friends.