I just added an Etsy button to my blog, so I figured it's a good time to post some of my current favorite things in that neck of the woods as well. It makes me so happy to know that people all over the world are making beautiful things with their hands.

These cards, by paper+twine, and the way she photographed them.

This print, entitled "A Portrait of a Poet's Journey" by LilyMoon.

These adorable book-end bean-bag/modern poppy bookends by pillowhappy.

The English major in my can't resist the Shakespeare hair pin by PaperAffection.

And, a little ambitious inspiration for the pottery class I'm taking in June. Sunshine coffee cup by dbabcock.

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MaryEllen said...

Hey Elaine... Always love your blog.. helps me feel close to you and Keith even though there are so many miles between us. Esty is Aunt Cindy's favorite website..Didn't know if you knew. Anyway... kiss and hugs meme