Something Positive

We encountered this fellow outside of Powell's Books in Portland on our honeymoon (notice the bike rack). We asked him, "Why?" 

His response? "I had some free time, and I just wanted to do something positive." 

We'll take it.
Last night my husband said something profound. He does that from time to time ;) He said, "You know, I think I need to realize that maybe I don't need to remind myself of the sobering side of life all the time, I need to remind myself of the hope."

A downward spiraling economy. Tax season. The crumbling neighborhood next door. Broken hearts. Hungry children. Disease. Hate.

There's plenty out there to worry about. And I think we are called to notice these things. To care.

But we are also called to hope. And I think part of that is noticing beauty.

In early signs of spring. Soft morning light. Sticky-faced smiles. Little girl dances. Smells of home. A hug from a stranger.

So I'm passing along the reminder to you today: 

"Beauty surrounds you even in the oddest, most sterile of places. Open  your eyes and notice things, and you will remain open to wonder."
-Mike Howerton, Miles to Cross


Steve Mac said...

Every time I got off the chair lift I remembered Gahgee making you kids stop and admire the view before you skiied off. Good advice.
Love ya

Thesupermanns said...

OK....every time i read your blog and see pictures i fall deeper in love with who GOD made you to be. (in love as a sister) Thanks for sharing positive things....
What is your phone number? i lost it. You could email me
and...do you take pictures for people ever...and what do you charge?