.In the Woods.

We like to be in the woods. Especially with lots of friends and campfire games involved. Last weekend was a colder, wetter one than expected, but we survived, and it was more than worth it. We've decided to make it a new goal to go camping at least 4 times a year. Last weekend we went to Cheaha State Park, a beautiful place on the ridge of a mountain. Supposedly home to the highest point in Alabama. Highlights included 15 of our friends joining us, 3 of them getting lost in the dark, 2 of them going on a rescue mission in the dark, "hobo packs" for dinner, burning shoes and socks on the fire (accidently, some still on feet), heated rounds of mafia, and Cracker Barrel in the morning.


Kimberly Joy said...

YAY camping!!! I'm glad you had fun
love you,

Shireen said...

So glad to see some pics of your camping weekend!

It's gotten FRIGID out there!! :)