Soup-of-the-Week: Creamy Chicken and Wild Rice

Last night was round one of my soup-a-week culinary adventure. The results were quite delicious. Hopefully through this process I'll figure out how to photograph the food in a way that might actually make it appear as appetizing as it tastes despite the awful light in my kitchen. On to the good stuff...

(just click the link to view the recipe from Cooking Light)
Things I loved: Creamy, warm and cozy goodness. Though it seemed a little weird, adding a few chunks of Velveta cheese at the end really gave the soup a delightful creamy texture and added flavor. Keith and Ryan, my lovely tasters, raved about it. I served it with a crusty roasted garlic loaf of bread.

Things I changed: I added celery with the garlic and onions and shredded carrots with the potatoes. I also sprinkled in some red pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon, and garlic salt to taste (personally, I think these additions enhanced the dish a lot). I also only used significantly less cheese, adding a few cubes at a time until it was right.

Things I'll do different next time: I could only find wild rice blends with too small of a proportion of wild rice to regular rice. I would have liked more wild rice, so next time i'll try to hunt that down, or just cook the kind that takes a long time. 

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