We might be CRAZY.


Because two weeks ago the thought hadn't really occurred to us,

and tomorrow we're moving into a new apartment!


These are the reason's I keep telling myself when the thought occurs to me, Are we crazy? Why are we doing this?
  • Saving over $150 a month for perfectly adequate, cute little carriage house apartment (I'll give more details about the place with pictures tomorrow.)
  • Our current landlord leans towards the sketchy end of the spectrum, and hasn't given us a lease.
  • And really, most importantly, though we don't completely understand it, we feel like this is where God is drawing our hearts. We'll be in walking distance to where RCC meets (on 7th Ave. S), part of the Crestwood community that is basically ground zero for our church, and close to the Woodlawn and Avondale areas that we would love to serve. We want our lives to be intertwined with this community, and with these open doors, moving there seems a great place to start. 
With that said, If anyone wants to help, especially tomorrow evening, we could definitely use it! We decided to scramble in there before we leave for Thanksgiving to avoid paying two rents for December. Tomorrow night we'll specifically need a strong man or two to help Keith with the furniture, and if anyone is free Wednesday during the day, I'll be packing up more stuff and settling in a bit. We'll provide pizza and beverages of choice!


frank said...

See you tomorrow night!

Kimberly Joy said...

YAY!!! your moving tomarrow,
and no your not crazy, hope everything works out well love you lainy

Stephanie said...

I can't believe y'all are moving in tomorrow! The Klings would definitely be there to help, but we'll already be on our way to St. Louis by tomorrow afternoon. We're excited y'all are moving to the hood!
And- I LOVE "This American Life!!!!" I've downloaded several to listen to in the car tomorrow- including the one about Harlem that you had mentioned. So excited.
Thanks for the recommendation!

Melissa said...

woo hoo for new neighbors! sorry, i am already in ky or i would be there. i can't believe you're moving so soon! so fun!

wish i could be there...


Misty Davis said...

So exciting! I cant wait to see the new pad.

I had so much fun with y'all this past weekend! And how exciting that we have another fun weekend to look forward to!

Life is good!

Kate said...

i just read this! how fun! i'm assuming it's not the little house we drove by. i can't wait to see it! (and for the record, i totally would've helped you move :)