Some free things you can get after you VOTE.

(by flicker user chocolate monster mel)
(though, unfortunately, not a pint)

(I recommend Thanksgiving blend)

And I heard that if you bring a campaign sign to Chick-fil-a tomorrow, they'll give you a free sandwich.


And speaking of voting, I just loved seeing all the faces of my neighborhood in one place. We stood in  line with the curator of the Birmingham Museum of Art and a young, fit, mother of triplets. They were delightful. 

Oh, and by the way...
You can vote however you like!


Elaine Davis said...

by the way... to get these free, tasty treats. All you have to do is ask.

Kimberly Joy said...

Except the fact that there is no ben and jerry's for over two hours. I want free ice cream, think you could send me some?
Love you

Kelly Davis said...

That video was AMAZING! Miss y'all!

Misty Davis said...

Those kids are loving it. For such a stressful night- that made me smile...and I was totally singing along. Love you and miss you!

rebekah at elizabeth anne said...

Love that video! Thanks for the smiles!

Candis said...

really? you get all those free things if you vote? is this a new trend to get people to vote or have they done it in years passed and I missed out? i voted...think it'll work over here?