Morning in a New Place.

Last night some of our wonderful friends made a delightful job out of moving us into the new apartment. I had my doubts, but we got so much done. All I have to do today is pack up the kitchen. Our first night in our new home was great, and we woke up to gorgeous light permeating the whole place. Cozy is a good word to describe it. When we walked out the door this morning Lucia, our landlords' 7 year-old daughter poked her head out the back door to greet us. So friendly! We have a long way to go to be totally settled in here, but we did it! (funny story of the woes of not being quite moved in: we ran by the old place this morning to get some things, we had the shower curtains and towels here, and the toiletries and soap there, etc. Well, I grabbed the french press, coffee, sugar, and half and half so I could have a morning caffeinated treat. When I got back over here I realized I had forgotten the tea kettle, so I warmed the water in the microwave. Which worked out ok. Then I poured the coffee and started to add sugar. Until I realized my sugar was flour. Oh man! Determined, I added some diet coke to sweeten it up. Bad idea. I'll be checking out the Crestwood coffee shop soon. ) And now for the tour.

I'm not totally sold on this furniture arrangement. We'll see.
Everything still to be set up, but I LOVE how cozy our bedroom will be!

There is a tiny stove and a big pantry closet behind the refrigerator. The kitchen is going to be the biggest adjustment, as it is a lot smaller and has no upper cabinets. We'll figure out a way to add shelving or something.

There is a washer/dryer laundry closet in the bathroom.
and now, the reason why the rest of the place looks relatively peaceful . . . the spare bedroom, which will become an office/ craft room!
The best part? Getting to do this with my wonderful, best friend, husband! We have really loved making these decisions together and really knowing that "home" is in each other, not in a place. It's been an opportunity for the Lord to illuminate how much over these seven months he has grown us and hewn off some of those rough edges to make us fit together into one! We are so THANKFUL for such sweet grace!


Patrick Sewell said...

It looks great!

Are flour and sugar really all that different?

rebekah at ead living said...

You got so much done last night! Yay!

AJ Macc said...

Yay!! It does look cozy! I love the hard wood floors, and it looks well maintained. I know you won't miss that lovely carpet in your old living room! I wish you much success in finding comfortable ways to store your belongings - Im sure you will! I love that you and Keith are finding yourselves becoming one,it's amazing how God can show us how to fit together instead of getting in each other's way if we just let Him. I was just thinking the other day that I wonder how you two are finding marriage as compared to your expectations. I look forward to letting you expound on that for me if you want (i don't want to be a nosy mom!). Love you, and MISS YOU TONS!!!!

Britney said...

So happy that you and keith have made such a lovely, very cozy home! The light is amazing as well. Hope you enjoy the winter times in your new place.

Kimberly Joy said...

yay!!!! I love it lainy bop!!!! Its so cute and clean. I want to see it in person. Love you lainy

Thesupermanns said...

Welcome to your new home!!! May GOD fill it with laughter and fellowship....refuge and peace.