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I unfortunately was camera-less this weekend (I was loaning mine to a friend), but I thought I'd do my best to document our first Valentine's Day when Keith and I were a) in love, b) on the same continent, and c) able to celebrate. We, in our first year of marriage tenderness, take the simple route when it comes to holidays. Just for the sake of simplicity, which is dear to our hearts, and it's nice, developing traditions in our time. The ingredients for a sweet and simple valentine's day in the cozy Davis home go like this:

1. Play soccer with your friends for hours in the afternoon so you are good and tired. Good tired, hungry, and looking forward to an evening of coziness.

2. Whip out the mini gas grill your parents gave you for the first time, apply deliciously marinated steak, and let your husband experience the manly thrill of being the master of the grill. (And it's a nice touch if it's the first time you've had steak at home together.)

3. Invite your awesome 7 year old neighbor come up for an impromptu dance party when she hears your wedding-dance mix blasting from your open door and sees the two of you boogying on the stairs.  Proceed to dance through the soundtrack of Mama Mia, which she has brought just for the occasion.

4. Sweetly tell her to go home when dinner's ready :)

5. Gather all of the chunky non-table-intended candles you have from around the house and assemble a candle-lit setting complete with a new (my first) table cloth.

6. Thank God for your sweet and perfect-for-you mate who He has given you to enjoy and to grow you and soften you. Enjoy your tasty dinner which you have made together!

7. Cozy up on your red couch and watch a silly but sweet romantic comedy. (Our pick was Nick and Norah's Never-ending Playlist, which we enjoyed, but I think I'll refrain from recommending it.)

8. Somewhere during the course of the evening succeed in making awesome bread, especially if the first time you tried it, it was just okay, and you learned from your mistakes. This will make you wildly happy and your husband will be wonderfully supportive in celebrating your victory with you. 
. . . 
It was really nice. 

(I'll post about the bread, and some other projects, when I get my camera back!)

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Sutton said...

Thanks dear! Sounds like you had a lovely weekend. I made the banner in photoshop with a picture I had found on stckxchg that I cropped, changed the color, etc. to make it my own. I can make you one if you want. I have like a bajillion fonts.