Contrasting ways to begin a day:

(from flickr user: minkoff)
Option one: Sleep too late, whining about how you don't want to go to work during the intervals in which you are hitting the snooze button. Throw something frumpy on because it's "comfortable" after rushing through a shower and failing to dry your hair. Eat breakfast in the car. Arrive to dreaded work late, tired, and bitter. Avoid talking to people, but when you must, be sure to mention to them just how tired and bitter you are.

Option two: Awake early, but not too early. Make yourself a breakfast delightful to the eyes and palate, which consequently reminds you of Spain, of toasted homemade bread, butter, and plum jam accompanied by french pressed coffee. Read Acts as you chip away at the block of reading you have fallen behind in by too often choosing option one. Take a shower, shave your legs, dry your hair, and wear a skirt. Arrive at work on time, and cheerfully greet your coworkers as you make your way to your cubicle, coffee from home in hand.

Today I chose option two

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Patrick said...

Today I chose option 1.5, and that is a big improvement.