This week I have 3 hour rehearsals almost every night for Carmina Burana, and performances on Friday and Saturday night (FYI: the rehearsal on Thursday at 7:00 is open to the public and free). Last night was our first rehearsal with Maestro Jason Brown (two great qualities to have in a conductor: floppy hair and a british accent), and it was intense. This piece is demanding and exhausting, but worth it. I really wish I could figure out how to not carry so much tension in my shoulders because after 3 hours of standing in a proper singing posture and holding my music folder, I thought I was going to die. Hubs to the rescue with a great shoulder massage. But really, any ideas about how to relax tense shoulders?

Last night I think I finally gleaned what's behind the work, which features songs about the harshness of fate, fortune, spring time, drinking, and sex. Not exactly inspiring stuff. But it's basically about how if all you have to believe in is that fate will deal with us harshly and randomly, then why not spend your life on folly, drinking, and "love," only to be crushed by fate in the end. It's depressing, exhausting, and empty--but it can illuminate the grace we have in Christ and point us to him. That's how I'll be thinking about it. You can check out the translation here.

My blogging momentum has definitely been slowing down as of late, and I'm okay with that. I hope you'll still stick with me. A lot of great things have been going on. Which I' may or may not get to blogging about eventually :)

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MaryEllen said...

Sounds so exciting. Wish we could be there to see you.. Don't have any tips on the tense shoulders.. but I do know what you mean.. hours on the computer slumped over cause my shoulders to cry out at night... Anyway.. xoxo to you and keith! Miss you guys.. did you see the pics of the snowflakes on facebook? Loved them!