.Meet Guiomar.

Meet Guiomar. She is my friend, and she is awesome. Some things you should know about Guiomar: She is Spanish. She is hilarious. A couple years ago we went to Molly Malone's (A Spanish Irish pub of course) on her birthday she drank one small glass of Bailey's and it put her over the top. She began reciting proverbs in English, very thoughtfully and methodically, though at the time she knew very little English, and perhaps comprehended even less. Sigh, I love cross-cultural opportunity for awkwardness and hilarity. The following is the result of said moment: enjoy. *
"If the people sink . . . you will have no satisfaction." 

"If you have a calf . . . think, where are you now?"

"Look at the picture . . . look at the round. Look at you, look at me, look all over, and look at your life and the first second could be this moment."

"If the blue sky begings to shine the blue shine goes very fast . . . if the world begins to cry, the babies begin to shine."

*disclaimer: Her English is much improved these days, as she is studying in Ireland and has visited the US.


Anonymous said...

remember 7am service at Pleasant Grove with Guiomar? We definitely needed more coffee first. That was a fun morning.
love ya,

Guiomar said...

OHHHHHHHHHHHHH WOW WOW hahahaha I can believe I'm a post of your blog hahaha , thank you Elaine!! I apreciate this.. I miss say proverbs.. maybe now it is difficult with english but I can tray with another language..could be interesting .. let's go try next time in Usa..or Spain!! absolutely We need chat!!! miss you

P.S/ haha I remember this morning in twice church on SUNDAY!! one of the most special days in Usa.


Next time in birminghan and texas!!