All-Employee Ministry to the non-present deaf with fake sign language

This is what the all-employee meeting looked like at work today. And i'm hardly joking. In fact this picture is a gross under exaggeration of what I actually experienced. Thats right folks, today in the all-employee meeting 150 adult professionals were led (a.k.a. forced to participate) in a "contemporary" children's song complete with fake-Christian-sign language. You know, lots of alphabet signs with compelling, interpretive movements. And of course, the all popular Jesus sign made by using your middle fingers to alternately point to the wounds in the hands. It was one of the most outrageous moments and I wanted to crawl under my chair and suddenly discover a magic trap-door in the floor. Did I mention the whole exercise lasted, oh about 20 minutes? I think I'm still experiencing post-traumatic stress syndrome.


Patrick Sewell said...

This is why you deserve 50 vacation days a year. I may have to deal with boredom, but at least there's no peer pressure to do VBS songs here.

mountainmelody said...

I was thinking of you the whole time we did this... Can't believe I forgot to chat with you about it afterwards. Fun times.... :)

Anonymous said...

This was the most ridiculous thing ever. But it did seem that everyone over 40 thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Too bad Leah missed it.