Dream, are you a dreamer?

After a little makeover...
I feel like doing a participatory post today, so we’ll see how it goes.

Last night Keith and I missed a memo, but gladly ended up spending some spontaneous time chatting with the two pastors of Mosaic Church, a new church in Birmingham that is a great friend to Bedouins.

These guys are some of the most energetic dreamers I have ever met. Especially considering that they aren’t college students. One of the ways that they are dreaming for the church and for the city is the idea of creating businesses to sustain administrative costs so that 100% of tithes go to missions and serving. Their ideas include a business that delivers fresh breakfast to offices around the city, and a coffe shop/book store/movie theatre (I contributed the movie theatre part :) because Bham needs an independent theatre). Their heart is not just to support the church through businesses, but also to bring life an community back to the downtown area of the city. I think they’re some pretty cool dreams. And even just the conversation spurred on so many more…such as hosting a weekly summer film night where people gather, possibly on the roof of a loft, to watch movies and discuss them afterwards. Because of the knowledge that conversation spurs on ideas and dreams, they meet with people from the church every week to brainstorm about dreams and ideas, and how to turn them into reality.

I think persistent idealism pays off. I’ve seen it. I hope that I’m part of it. I have friends who have dropped everything to chase a dream of starting a hostel in Europe. And it’s happening. And another who moved to Asia to start a coffee shop. Also happening. What about the friend who went to India to minister to kids and now is the proud mama of 45 of them. Bedouins and Redeemer were also born as dreams. How sweet is it to imagine the father planting dreams in our hearts as seeds, knowing that He will fulfill them! I think for these reasons, it is right to encourage dreaming. It’s also right to expect things to not be easy and simple, and to not fear failure. It’s so important to trust God with our dreams, and hold with loose hands. He is sovereign and ALL of his ways are good.

So I thought it would be fun to confess our dreams…

Keith and I would love to start a home school co op some day, teaching our friends kids as they teach ours. Exploring the world together. With a high standard of education and community and learning and creativity. I’d also love to teach overseas sometime. Did I mention I dream of teaching?

But sometimes I want to pursue photography and not look back.

Anyone want to sell everything, buy a R.V. a travel around America for a while?

My two book ideas include 1. Taking a year to visit an incredibly large spectrum of churches, from megahuge mega rich ones, to those little mysterious shack type ones you see driving in the middle of no where; Every denomination, part of the country etc. I’m fairly certain that I would learn enough to fill a book. And my thesis would come after the experience. And 2. Writing a compilation of my journals someday for my grandkids…if I’m that lucky.

I dream of living on the same street as our family and friends. I’m not afraid to leave, but I selfishly want all the people I love to live daily life with me.

I want to hear your dreams…


Patrick Sewell said...

I talked to someone (Warden?) about how cool it would be to open up a bakery/deli/coffee shop in the corner store that just closed near our house. Of course, now that Jane's done that, it sounds kind of cliche. But I still dream of baking.

I don't have any big dreams right now. Can you be too satisfied to dream?

elaine said...

Can you be too satisfied to dream? I dont know. but it makes me happy that you're satisfied enough to ask that question.

frank said...

I dream of traveling around this country and the world, living off the beaten path. In little towns outside of the cities. Living among people different from myself. Doing small things with great love.

I dream of giving my life sacrificially to an orphanage in central america.

I dream of staying here and loving my God and my neighbors with everything I have in hopes of seeing the Kingdom come.

Great post!