Goal of the week: Plant a vegetable garden.


Patrick Sewell said...

Elaine! You're officially white! This post verifies it. See Stuff White People Like.

I think the most recent post, "Grammar", also applies to you. I notice you chose to use the Oxford comma in your "About Me" section of this blog.

elaine davis said...

yeah. i never did want to give up that oxford comma. it's really nice and calming i think. and thankfully, the WMU house style is to include it.

Matthew said...

hey elaine. i just got a chance to sit still and read your updates since your wedding. i can't tell you how enjoyable and satisfying it is to hear about your joy and peace. you sound like you're just where you are supposed to be in life right now.

i understand that feeling well. i'm loving all the little similarities in our separate "stories." our vegetable garden is starting to produce beautifully (it's warmer earlier here at the coast). our own honeymoon in portland was perfect and i can't wait to trade stories. our book-mingling as well was a special moment for beth and i and i'm sad that you didn't get a chance to come by our place when you were down here. and perhaps our journeys will lead us both to the unenviable life of a teacher. that's yet to be seen, but all those dreams were wonderful to read about, and something that i really appreciate about you.
let's try to find a chance to hang out by phone soon. and with any luck, a wedding gift may be headed your way (eventually).