This beautiful, wonderful face has graced our little home as our proud first houseguest. Lisa Nicole Davis, lovingly called Nikki by all, has come to visit. She arrived last night after braving construction traffic and severe weather, and we are oh so happy to have her here. Nikki is Keith’s sister and my best friend! If Keith is my soul mate, Nikki is my soul sister. This girl is beautiful, wise, incredibly genuine, constantly growing, always encouraging, hilariously honest, and incredibly creative. We love her. A great thing about Nikki is that she has quickly changing, but passionate phases of interest. This week she told me “I’m really into appliances right now.” She loves naps and wants a Warmariner. Last night we took her to a wild French toast party at 1701, where we enjoyed the delicacy, played speed scrabble and laughed with new friends and old. Today our goals include a great place for lunch, the mcwayne center, the dog park, and a cooking challenge. If you're curious about the picture, part of my wants to leave you wondering, but part of me wants to inform you that it's from when she came to visit me in Spain last year. We went on a weekend adventure to the great ciudad de San Sebastian in the Pais Vasco, on the coast almost in France. A beautiful place. These funny little inexplicable stencils made for a good photo op.
On Sunday my mom, dad, and very own sister Kim are coming for the day. This will be a celebration of mother’s day, as well as a debut for the MacCorkles of our new home and a chance for them to bring a lot more of my stuff to us. We found out some crazy news right after the honeymoon that my family is moving to Wichita, Kansas for my dad’s job, so we treasure the few months when access to them will be relatively easy. Yay for family at our house!

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