I've been wanting to do this for a long time. And i finally have the pictures ready. . . 
This is our HOME! We absolutely love this little place. We've loved making it our own, exploring this wonderful and unique neighborhood, and sharing our place with our friends! Here is the official blog tour. To see more, including our books happily mingled together, and my really happy shower curtain, check out my facebook album.

presenting. . . 2916 10th Avenue South

our bedroom is in desperate need of color, but the bed is SO comfortable and notice our awesome office/nook surrounded by windows, which faces our HUGE walk-in closet.
This is what our home looks like with our dearest friends in it! Nikki and Erin prepare chocolate peanut-butter cheesecake!

Keith is a really great dish washer!
Our friends enjoying chicken chilaquiles. Compliments of the Cooking Light cookbook that Corey gave me.
We love it when we match our dishware!
Life is good.


Writeaway said...

Love your photos! Loved reading everything too. Very cool.

My blog is www.writefullyso.blogspot.com and Ann's is www.atlantamama.blogspot.com if you want to follow along...

Elle is going to University of Alabama in the fall, so I'll be through B'ham often! Her boyfriend is going to Samford. Wish you could disciple her while she's over that way!!!!

TomKatFrib said...

Hey Bop and Keith! We love y'alls place so much! Thanks for letting us come hang out last night...and climb on your roof!

Kimberly Joy said...

Hey sissy I love your apartment but You already knew that. I cant wait too see you next weekend I love you!!!